We are pleased to announce the official release of Writer’s Plight, a witty and introspective collection of original poetry by Jake Thornton Ezell. To quote the author:

“This book is a look into my journey as a writer in a world overwhelmed by sound bites, click-bait, and bloggers fighting to remain at the top of relevance. [It] is about the writing process and personal growth I’ve experienced jotting down notes, feelings, and observations as I’ve tried to separate myself from the gyre of the world around me … It is a struggle. It is a journey. It is a process.”

Jake Thornton Ezell is a career writer and journalist from southeastern Pennsylvania. His work has earned him praise from publications and readers alike, and his poetry has appeared in national magazines.

Writer’s Plight is now available in paperback. Visit Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million to get your very own copy today!

Learn more about the book at https://www.aperturepress.net/books/writers-plight.