The Hairdresser Diaries

by Jessica Miller

For Tatum, love has always been something to keep at a distance. It was easier and it was safer. As an independent young woman she is content to enjoy a life split casually between friends and her career. Her life changes one night when by chance she meets the mysterious Cole and finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. Almost instantly he leaves a lingering impression on her that is so perfect it’s terrifying. Soon she isn’t sure what she wants and finds it impossible to get him off her mind. It’s everything about him. It’s the scent of him that lingers, the closeness of his breath, the slightest touch of his skin and the blue of his eyes that makes her very soul ache. The last thing she wants is to admit to love and the inevitable complications that come with it. But it isn’t long before her inability to reconcile what her heart wants sends her life spiraling out of her control and she becomes trapped in a dance of giving in and running away.

Before two people can share their lives, they need to face their past.

About the Author

In an alternate universe my time would be spent lying on a beach reading or writing while being fanned by some delicious man candy. But I live in the suburbs of Pennsylvania where the closest beach is two hours away. In reality when I’m not daydreaming (which is most of the time) I’m working at the salon or playing super nanny. I tend to live in a fantasy world more than real life, but the best part of that is I get to let my overactive imagination run free when I write.

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