Return to Dawn by Madalyn Stephens book cover

Return to Dawn

by Madalyn Stephens

High school sweethearts Melanie Thomson and Adam Gerhart seem destined to spend the rest of their lives together. From her job at an art gallery on Park Avenue to her cozy Manhattan apartment, Melanie is having the time of her life. But their perfect world is shattered in an instant when tragedy strikes. Now, at the crossroads of love and loss, Melanie fears she may lose Adam forever. Will she struggle against her fate? Or will she awaken to the realization that love was there all along?

Return to Dawn is a contemporary romance set in New York City. It is a story of passion and broken hearts, of courage and reawakening. It will stir your imagination and set your heart aflutter.

About the Author

Eighteen-year-old Madalyn Stephens makes her literary debut with Return to Dawn. ­Currently a high school senior, she plans to attend Penn State University and major in communications and professional writing. She is an avid reader who also loves to write. Her interests include hiking, yoga, and ­dining on Italian food and sushi. She currently lives in Berks County, Pennsylvania.


  • “[T]his one keeps you interested throughout. Just when you think you know what is going to happen next, the story takes an interesting twist. At certain points the story gives you shivers at the realization of what has happened. This story has an unpredictable ending, and the last sentence is truly the cherry on top of a perfect conclusion to the book. A+!!” review
  • “Madalyn Stephens did an amazing job writing this book! The ending was amazing!! Highly recommended!” B& review

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