Red Wells

by Sharon Wells Wagner

Sharon Wells Wagner makes her literary debut with the story of her father, Red Wells — a man who has seen hardship, joy, and adventure. Telling the tale through his eyes, she takes us on a remarkable journey from childhood through the Second World War and beyond. Growing up poor in small-town America, Red spends his days as a youth wandering the streets, hopping freight trains, and shuffling from home to home. But when he joins the Army, his life changes forever. From his early training in the jungles of Panama to his battles in the war-torn streets of Belgium and France, Red learns the meaning of family from the men with whom he serves – the men of the 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate). The lessons he learns and the events he witnesses influence who he becomes, and he returns home a new man. Red Wells is more than a book. It is a true story – a legacy to an extraordinary man and his life’s journey.

About the Author

Former computer instructor Sharon Wells Wagner spends most of her time writing, watercolor painting, and taking care of her family and pets. She enjoys fishing, horseback riding, and playing guitar. Deeply spiritual, she loves the outdoors and finds inspiration to write in the natural world around her. She lives in Berks County, Pennsylvania.


  • The [book]is one of the most beautifully written testimonies to emerge from the soul of a greatest generation hero through the diligent hands of a loving, caring, sympathetic daughter.” – reader review
  • Very simply written… this book is amazingly emotional. Mr. Wells’s life is almost unbelievable in the number of obstacles thrown in his path from infancy onward. His very survival is remarkable, much less his buoyant attitude… History buffs will be enlightened by his very personal story of his life as a soldier throughout World War II… This should be put on recommended reading lists in schools throughout America.” – reader review

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