One Infantryman’s Journey

Shirley Zweizig Nestler & Walter Mahlon Zweizig

The 25th moved to Korea within hours after the North invaded the South on June 25, 1950. All combat units of the 8th Army arrived in Korea within those first thirty days. Only a handful of officers and enlisted men were veterans of World War II and well-trained for combat. The rest of us were mediocre at best. Most felt there would not be another war. After all, we had the bomb. Everyone knew of its destructive capability. Who would dare to confront a country with such potential?

The dust-laden countryside turned to mud when the rains came. In fall came the cold and, by winter, snow and ice. Then dampness and more biting cold, often without heat to warm even a can of C rations except on top of the truck’s manifold. Then, too, came the Chinese…

About the Author

Shirley Zweizig Nestler, cousin of Walter M., received her undergraduate degree in Business Ad/Marketing from Albright College and Masters in Creative Writing from Vermont College of Norwich University. Hobbies are: riding, hiking, skiing, traveling, Contemporary Christian concerts, singing, reading, and writing. She lives out retirement from a corporate public relations career on her animal rescue farm near Hamburg, PA and operates a small boarding kennel in her spare time.


  • “At the core of all great stories is human experience. Zweizig has captured the drama, wonderment, and heartbreak of war in this insightful retelling of one man’s journey from farm to battlefield.” Christopher Klim, author of Jesus lives in Trenton
  • “Zweizig joins the Army during peaceful times, but quickly finds himself immersed in war. But his youth, strength, and faith in God guide him through extreme adversity as others crumble around him. Through this soldier’s eyes, you will laugh and cry as you experience America’s forgotten war, a conflict as ruthless and bloody as any other.” Sharon Wells Wagner, author of Red Wells and Ordinary Heroes
  • “I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading One Infantryman’s Journey. I read the entire book in just a few hours, as I could hardly put it down. Great job!” Craig K., Hamburg, PA

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