My Hero, My Son

by Joseph Baddick

My Hero, My Son is a celebration of the life and achievements of Sgt. Andrew J. Baddick, an 82nd Airborne Divison paratrooper who sacrificed himself to save a fellow solder in Iraq. Narrated humbly by his father Joseph, the account begins with A.J.’s birth, details his youth in the Pennsylvania coal region, and continues through his life-defining military service. Through anecdotes, personal letters, and interviews, we witness an adventurous teen’s transformation into a soldier and an American hero.

About the Author

Joseph Baddick served as an 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper before working for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections for twenty years. Originally from the coal region, he now resides with his wife Sheila in Berks County, PA. He enjoys golf, winemaking, fine dining, traveling, the outdoors, and spending time with his grandchildren.


  • “After reading your book, I would like to thank you for sharing yourself and A.J. with the world. I was overwhelmed that in less than 300 pages you were able to open yourself up and share your love of your family, your love for your children, your love of God and your love for your country. I admire your courage in writing this outstanding book as it serves as a reminder to all Americans that freedom does not come cheap.” R. Tonkin
  • “I picked up this book and couldn’t stop reading it… Joe’s enduring faith is a testimony to us all. This book is written from his heart and he teaches us that from great pain can come great blessing.” L. Noble
  • “Joe has done an amazing job writing and putting together this fantastic book. Not only providing the details of his son’s inspiring heroism, he also gives an often amusing account of what life was like growing up in the anthracite coal regions of eastern Pennsylvania. SGT A.J. Baddick will always be remembered for his astounding bravery that evening in Iraq in 2003, but Joe has done us all a big favor by sharing A J’s many letters home to his family, allowing us to hear, in his own words, this young man whom anyone would be proud to call his son…” B. Sandri

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