by Marvin William Golder, with John E. Walsh; compiled by Beth Miglio

A soldier’s love for his family gives him strength… Marvin William “Bill” Golder served proudly as an ­artilleryman in the 35th Infantry Division, 320th ­Regiment Cannon Company. While fighting in Europe he wrote letters home to his loved ones-particularly to his beloved wife Janet. Faith In A Foxhole presents twenty-six of these letters, documenting the day-to-day life of an enlisted soldier and reflecting upon his thoughts and longings while overseas. Arranged by his granddaughter, this book also features a number of vintage photographs as well as a history of the Cannon Company, narrated with the assistance of one of Bill’s comrades, John Walsh. “From that day on I knew God was watching over me. He had to be for anyone to come out of that alive.” —Bill Golder

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